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To be a part of this talent directory for our local filmmakers casting for projects, and Hollywood producers considering shooting in our area, just submit at least one sample of your work along with a good recent photo or headshot, the signed release form and completed casting form linked below. You may also submit a resume if you have one.


Minors under 18 must have the signature of their parent or guardian. If you're just getting started and don't yet have samples of previous work, just see instructions below on finding and recording a monologue or scene to submit. If you have other skills besides acting such as dancing, singing, gymnastics, or other unique talents and performative skills; you may submit video samples of those skills as well.

Submit your video sample link(s), photo, release form and casting form via email to:

Release Form

Casting Form

PLEASE READ:  Database Rules & Casting Safety Tips

You may select two sides from below, or feel free to perform your own one-minute monologue or two-minute scene. Use a tripod or have someone with a steady hand video record your slate (say name, age, name of scene) and scene/monologue in widescreen. Email the video link, signed release form, and your completed casting form to

Some tips for finding your own monologue/scene:

  • Select something for the screen, not from the theatre.

  • Avoid really famous monologues/scenes from movies and TV.

  • Original monologues written just for actors are great too.

  • The kind of role you want to play might be very different from the role you would actually be best in. Do not use this casting to show off your range, but show us something that fits your natural type and personality. Do what you do best. This also applies to choosing Drama or Comedy. 

  • If you select something from a movie or show, do not do it the same way the actor did it, and try to avoid even watching it. Make it your own.

  • Avoid monologues which speak to an audience or an unimportant character. For example, if you find a monologue you like which talks to an audience or random person about how much you hate your father, rewrite that monologue so you're actually speaking to your father directly. It should always be spoken to the person the conflict is actually with.

  • Some good websites for finding monologues include: Backstage, Daily Actor, and Monologue Blogger. Also try search terms such as "Comedic monologues for young women", or "dramatic scenes for older male actors", and so on.

  • If you can do it justice, it's okay to do some rewriting on your monologue-- or even write an original one yourself if you're a good writer.


OR you may select one or two of the sides below, which are pulled from projects local filmmakers will actually be casting for in the future. We recommend selecting one dramatic and one comedic, ideally for your age range, and try to select something that plays to your strengths as an actor. However, you are free to choose whichever two you like. Memorization is preferred but not required.

Adult, Drama:

"Rebel" - Ryder or James (Male, 18) or Haley (Female, 18)

"Pre-Life" - Andrea (Female, 30s-50s)

"Pre-Life" - David (Male, 30s-50s), Andrea (Female, 30s-50s)

"No Good People" - Alan (Male, 40s-50s)

Adult, Comedy:

"Our Last Bed" - George (Male, 65+)

"Our Last Bed" - Laura (Female, 65+)

"Killers Are Annoying" - Elmer (Male or Female, 65+)

"Killers Are Annoying" - Jerry (Male or Female, 20s)

"Custom Companions" - Brooke (Female, 20s)

"Custom Companions" - Derek (Male, 20s)

"FitSelf" - Morgan (Female, 20s-30s) or Cassie (20s-30s)

Teen, Drama/Comedy:

"No Good People" - Morgan (Female, Teen)

"The Caregiver" - Cade (Male, Teen)

Child, Comedy:

"And So To Remove Mountains" Opening - Alex (any gender)

"And So To Remove Mountains" Opening - Maggie (any gender)

"And So To Remove Mountains" Opening - Jenny (any gender)

"And So To Remove Mountains" Secret Room - Kaitlyn (female)

"And So To Remove Mountains" Secret Room - Jenny (any gender)

"And So To Remove Mountains" Play Room - Jenny (any gender)_

"And So To Remove Mountains" Play Room - Morgan (any gender)

All Experience Levels, Ages & Ethnicities

Previous Session: Sunday April 16th, 2023
The State Theatre: Jewel Screening Room
1307 J Street, Modesto, CA 95354

Check this page in February 2024 for announcements about next Spring's casting session.

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